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Idein Ltd. is a Bulgarian consulting company for business development and policy making, founded in 2005. 
Our motto is Change World. We help.
Our mission is to change the world for the better by helping companies make more money, love innovation and use technology, but with care for people and the environment. We also support the efforts of public institutions to work in a continuous dialogue with citizens, intelligently managing public resources. 
Trust us and this will certainly be one of the best business decisions you will make, because we have a lot of knowledge and many years of practical experience in the following areas:  
•      Program and Project Management
•      Innovation Management
•      Research activities and consultations
•      Development of products and services
•      Digital design
•      Training
•      Human resources management
We help small and medium-sized enterprises to implement their business ideas, be more competitive and create unique "wow" products and services that customers will be happy to pay for. Our services cover consulting support throughout the process - from the formulation of the idea, through financing to marketing. We often turn from consultants into trusted advisors to our clients and they ask us for advice or information, long after our partnership on a specific task is over. 
We have been working with various EU programs for 17 years, as well as with other international and national financial instruments. We are well aware of all the intricacies and possible risks. We will plan your resources so that you will realize your business idea in the most elegant way possible, and in the end we will celebrate success together.    
In partnership with the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, we have developed an innovative holistic approach for Europe to workflow modeling based on circadian rhythm theory and the circadian economy, designed for companies and individual training. They are available through our platform   
We can translate your business ideas into the language of beautiful digital design by optimizing your digital presence and helping you attract the right customers and investors. 
Everything we do is very individualized, boutique, specially tailored to the needs, goals, vision and mission of EXACTLY YOUR company or organization. We never use templates or pre-made texts. We help your teams innovate, work intelligently, model their work, be more productive, while minimizing stress and preventing professional burnout.
We are flexible, qualified, we love challenges and the adrenaline of deadlines, we are ready for a lot of hard work. 
Contact us for a demo!

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