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Why 55+

Digitalisation has embraced all aspects of our existence, and digital technologies are triumphing everywhere: in work, banking and shopping, healthcare, holiday and / or recovery reservations, social interaction. 

These changes have made the opportunities offered by technology more visible, but they have also reminded us of the challenges they bring. And the elderly are among the most vulnerable. Today, for them, the risk of greater digital isolation is highest. Although it may not seem like it at first glance, statistics show that only 8% of people between the ages of 65 and 74 have more than basic digital skills. And a significant percentage of 55+ workers have to adjust to working remotely.

And although more and more older people are online, many still do not know how to use online services for their basic needs or simply to stay socially connected.

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The partnership

Therefore, through our  Idein Development Foundation, Bulgaria and IJSFontein, the Netherlands, we decided to support people over the age of 55 in their efforts to acquire vital digital competencies and become more resilient in technology-dominated.


How will we do it?

We will create and conduct trainings on basic digital competencies for access to online services and communication, for working in an online environment and for achieving a balance between work and life when working remotely. 

Together we can make the trainings exciting and motivating, with elements of play!

Become part of the  adventure!

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