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Development and management of projects and innovations

The development and management of projects and innovations is the core of Idein's business. Our team has been actively involved in project consulting since the establishment of the company in 2005. We have prepared and successfully managed over 100 own and client projects. Our main expertise is in the EU funds operating in Bulgaria and at the level of the European Commission, but we know very well and have experience with other financial sources, national and international. We are preparing both grant and credit financing projects.

In the last few years, our interest has focused mainly on business support, with an emphasis on innovative business ideas, incl. related to the green economy and digitalisation.

We know you very well and we are YOUR consultant for:

  • Competitiveness and Innovation of Enterprises Program 2021-2027

  • Projects under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan: Program for Economic Transformation, the Program for Support for Sustainable Energy Renovation of the Residential and Non-Residential Building Fund, Fund for Promotion of the Technological and Ecological Transition of Agriculture

  • Human Resources Development Program 2021-2027

  • Research, Innovation and Digitalization Program for Smart Transformation 2021-2027

  • Rural Development Program - 2014-2022

  • Projects under the Strategic Plan for Agriculture and Rural Development for the period 2023-2027

  • Horizon Europe program, with a focus on European Innovation Council competitions

  • Erasmus+ program

  • Norwegian Financial Mechanism

  • Interreg Europe program

  • All territorial cooperation programs

  • National Innovation Fund

Our team develops projects and documents in Bulgarian and English. 

How does the process work?

We are with our clients from the formulation of the business idea to its implementation as a ready-to-sell market product.

Simple 3 Points Process Roadmap Infographic Graph (2).png
Visual Roadmap Brainstorm.png

# Stage 1 - Formulation of a business idea and/or concept (ideation phase)


  • Clarification of the client's ideas and assessment of their competitiveness.

  • Selection of an idea with potential for business realization.

  • Assessment of the necessary resources -  financial, human, time, investment capacity of the client, additional resources for mobilization.

  • Preparation of a short business plan with key indicators for assessing viability.

  • Proposal for possible (and optimal) ways and sources of financing.

  • Subscription to provide regular up-to-date information on all possibilities for financing the already crystallized ideas.


All services at this stage are free for our customers.

# Stage 2 - Preliminary preparation


  • Choice of source of funding - grant, financial instrument, bank loan, investor, etc. 

  • Detailed screening of the idea and fine-tuning to the requirements of the financial source.

  • Assessment of the client's capacity, according to the criteria of the financing party, starting position, chances of success. 

  • Detailed acquaintance of the client with the rules of the respective program and the financing model.  Types of payments, guarantees, etc.

  • Preparation of cash flow in several variants, selection of the most optimal option.

  • Risk analysis  - external and internal factors.

  • Final application decision.  


The stage is mandatory for a decision to work together. The price starts from BGN 500, depends on the number of iterations, the complexity of the idea and is negotiable with the client. Please see our price list for more information.

Visual Roadmap Brainstorm.png
Visual Roadmap Brainstorm.png

# Stage 3 - Preparation of a funding proposal


  • Preparation of a detailed price offer, with the possibility for the client to choose the scope and completeness of the service according to the sent sample. Finalization of the consulting contract

  • Preparation of a work plan and distribution of tasks between the client's team and Idein, according to the agreed scope of the consulting service. Continuous monitoring of the plan and the set intermediate goals. 

  • Preparation of the application documents according to the rules and procedures of the financing party - program, financial instrument, credit financing, investment financing, etc. 

  • Search for partners and / or communication with partners at the application stage. Assessment of partner capacity. Assisting the partner in the preparation of the necessary documents. 

  • Management of electronic profile for electronic submission of documents, incl. creation. 

  • Submission of a proposal for financing - project, loan application, application for investment support, etc. 

  • Support for the preparation of presentations (pitch deck) required in the application process.

  • Consultancy support for concluding a contract, if successful. 

# Stage 4 - Project Management


  • Analysis of the project after concluding a financing agreement.

  • Preparation of an implementation plan, incl. stages of reporting, financial flow, etc.

  • Shared space and choice of online management tool,  communication and performance monitoring.

  • Distribution and monitoring of team tasks.

  • Performance monitoring. Participation in and initiation of regular meetings.

  • Preparation of technical and financial reports.

  • Preparation of payment requests. Adjustments in the process of approving the payment request (if necessary).

  • Consultations for selection of contractors, incl. and concluding a contract.

  • Consultations in communication with the financing party. 

Visual Roadmap Brainstorm.png

Important! Our services DO NOT INCLUDE accounting and/or auditing! You can count on our advice for  choosing an accountant and/or auditor, but only if you ask us to!

Project management is different from project preparation activity. You can entrust us with the preparation of the project, but not its management afterwards - this is entirely your choice. Please see our price list for more information.

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