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Rediscover yourself! Give yourself knowledge!

Have you ever wondered why at one point in the day or when you perform a certain task you feel overwhelmed with energy, and at another time in another task your energy has dropped so much that you have no strength for anything?


Are you looking for a way to better balance work and personal life or to make your work more interesting and satisfying?

Individual trainings

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Company training

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Give your team a wellbeing!

Teamwork requires perfect sync, right?

But how do you achieve this if some of your team members are tired, anxious, sleepy, irritable, distracted? 


Help them by looking at our trainings! Call us to demo and / or prepare specially for your team analysis, offer and to prepare specially made for your needs training! Contact us at +359 887 227774.

What will you find here?

Learn how to mobilize all your energy by following your natural circadian rhythm. For days filled with energy, harmony, happiness choose:

Workplace Energy Workshop

Modeling of  workflows

through on-the-job energy management training based on personal circadian rhythms.

Trainings - 
e-learning and attendance

The trainings are in the form of e-lerning, but they can also be held in person when gathering a group with certain interests.

live events

Webinars and live events on the topics of our trainings.


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We assist the HRM in implementing workplace energy management policies through the prism of circadian energy.


Our blog contains a rich and free resource of articles and useful materials, research results.


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The trainings

Circadian energy

In this training you will learn more about circadian energy. What is your energy model and in particular what is your chronotype. How to take care of your energy synchronicity / mismatch and how to adjust your work day to your energy level. 

The dream

Are you having a hard time falling asleep, waking up in bed for a long time or looking for ways to optimize your sleep? In this training we offer you the opportunity to find out if you have  sleep problems and / or to improve its quality, as well as to recharge with more energy for work.

Workplace energy

In this training you will learn more about energy in the workplace. Which tasks give you energy and why? And how can you be sure that you are recovering well after a long and hard day's work? The training contains three main modules: "Requirements and resources in the workplace"; Personal Resources and Recovery. Each module contains brief theoretical information and exercises. 

Life style

In this training you will learn:
• How to control your energy through food
• Why exercise is important for the body and mind
• Why keeping a diary restores mental energy
• How the environment in which we live - nature, partner, family, affects us.

Workflow modeling

In the training you will learn:
• How to analyze your work
• How to analyze your strengths
• How to learn more and delve deeper into activities that energize you
• And finally - together we will develop your personal plan for modeling the work process.


Work in shifts

Work does not change is not an easy task. It is possible that you constantly feel tired or that your lifestyle becomes quite unhealthy. In this training we will help you solve some of the problems you face if you work in shifts. You will learn more about the chronotype and sleep, you will receive advice on the time before, during and after the shift, for food and drink.

Фирмени обучения

Energy of life

In the training you will learn more about the Energy of Life: how to deal with things that distract you and become more productive by managing energy instead of your time; how to form a healthy habit and how to achieve the ultimate goal of human existence - to be happy at work and in private life.

Image by Jackalope West

Trainings for companies and organizations

  • Productivity management, stress

  • Well-being

  • Team screening and program development according to needs (Initial surveys, analyzes, training proposals, evaluation of results and effectiveness after trainings)

  • Workflow modeling

If you would like to purchase company trainings or develop one specifically for your team, contact us at or

call + 359 887 227774.


Our blog contains a rich and free resource of articles and useful materials, research results.

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