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Easy Pie Digital

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The SEO Scan service of our partners from EasyPie Dgital is a tool that, through in-depth data analysis, gives an accurate idea of your competitive advantages, risks and pressures in the field of your digital presence. 

Identifies your main competitors in real time and compares your performance against key technical parameters. As a result, you get a detailed list of specific actions to optimize your website for Google. At the heart of the tool is SEO content auditing. It identifies the main dimensions of demand and determines your performance against each of them, ie. what people are looking for and how well you provide it to them. Based on this analysis, you get clear strategic and tactical guidelines on how to optimize your website content, ads and media communication.  

The partnership with EasyPie Dgital is part of Idein's digital design service package. The company has developed its own unique algorithm based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, through which you monitor in real time the efficiency and effect of your digital presence and optimize your budget.  Be competitive online with sleek design and smart presence!  


Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

KUL is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, known for its innovative research and approaches. It is included in the Reuters ranking of the leading innovative universities. 

Idein is partnering with a team of researchers from the University working in the field of workplace psychology, well-being, personal energy management, sleep. 

The trainings we offer for companies and individual users have been developed jointly with KUL, based on scientifically validated theory and analysis of a huge array of data from hundreds of tests conducted in Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and Bulgaria.

Idein continues its partnership with the researchers from KUL by experimenting with new forms of learning, micro-learning and technological solutions to motivate lifelong learning. 

The Value Factory


TheValueFactory is a system innovation studio working at the crossroads of global challenges, societal trends and new technologies to design a sustainable future.

We help our clients design Impact that Matters by identifying opportunities in unmet customer needs, co-creating breakthrough products and services, making organizations more innovative, impact-focused, flexible and sustainable.  


Impact that Matters - Enabled by Ecosystem - Sustained through capabilities


With our partners from TheValueFactory we train leaders, support the creation of social incubators and develop funding mechanisms in the following priority areas: quality of life for all, housing and sustainable energy, economy and mobility, all refracted through the prism of "1.5 degree of life. "

If you are a public institution and aim to make the transition to Europe's climate goals more attractive and understandable to citizens, motivating them to engage in a continuous process of cooperation, through technological solutions and almost like a game, contact us .

If you are a company that wants to transform its business into a more environmentally and climate responsible one, contact us!


IJsfontein, The Netherlands

IJsfontein is one of the leading companies in Europe, with more than 25 years of experience in designing and promoting digital learning through game elements. At the heart of the methodology is the belief that people are naturally curious and internally motivated to develop. Ijsfontein's products range from serious staff training games to interactive experiences for museums or a cross-platform digital method for primary education. 

Together with Ijsfontein we are developing serious games to make available on the Bulgarian market to motivate more people to study with pleasure while having fun. Our interests are in the field of digital skills for adults, with an emphasis on working and retired seniors 55+, as well as introductory training for newly hired employees in organizations. If you want to develop new or transform existing company trainings by gamifying them, contact us. The return on investment is worth a try!

Idewe, Belgium


IDEWE is a Belgian independent service for prevention and protection at work, which assists organizations in building and implementing their well-being policy. As is well known, Belgium is one of the EU member states where labor law supporting health conditions in all their dimensions - occupational safety, health, psychosocial aspects, ergonomics, occupational health, arranging / reorganizing / organizing jobs and the work environment is the most developed. The aim of IDEWE is to support the physical and psychological integrity of citizens through a healthy work and living environment. 

Together with IDEWE we develop methodologies for the work of human resource managers who take care of the well-being of employees. The handbook we have prepared together with them is a structured seven-step guide to  optimal personal energy management and chrono-modeling of work processes. The manual is free and can be downloaded here . If you want to test the methodology, specially adapted to the goals and priorities for human resources development in your organization, contact us. 


University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), Finland

Xamk is one of the leading private universities in Finland. Idein is partnering with the Laboratory for Active Life, which conducts research and experiments in the field of health and well-being of workers. The team of the laboratory collects and analyzes information on the effectiveness of services provided in the labor market and through its research and experiments supports the development of new innovative services. 

Together with Xamk we do research and develop services to increase people's well-being through the use of technologies such as smart watches and bracelets, technologies for analysis and control of stress, sleep, etc. If you want to test how new technologies can be used in your practice for controlling the stress and burnout of your employees, contact us. 



Virtech is a leading Bulgarian research company specializing in the application of modern information and communication technologies in various fields - from the provision of unique information services, through consulting, training and development. The company is a partner in dozens of international research projects in the field of digital healthcare, smart cities, the Internet of Things, the silver economy. 

Together with Virtech we implement innovation projects, both our own and clients'. We provide highly specialized services for the development of projects for funding through European and national funds for the promotion of innovation - Horizon Europe, operational programs for competitiveness and innovation, National Innovation Fund, Innovation Norway, etc., including helping you find the right hopes international partners. If you have an innovative technological idea and want to transform it into a business, contact us. 

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