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Product and service

We help you develop a product or service that offers value to your customers, ie. to answer one of the most difficult questions: why should customers buy from you! What do you offer and why are you the best choice!

If we ask 10 people from our company "why should customers buy from you and not from the competition", how compatible do you think the answers will be? And how convincing would they be?  Practice shows that less than 5% of companies reach their maximum growth potential because they fail to clearly articulate what value they provide to their customers.

This is where you need us! How we work:  

We use Strategyzer's Value Proposition Design methodology. 

Simple 3 Points Process Roadmap Infographic Graph (1).png

# Step 1 - Interactive meetings


We organize short and super interactive meetings with your team to think together about the right value proposals that your products or services provide / will provide to your customers.

We help you create a client profile that is your target cutomer.

The client's profile is analyzed in three areas: client's jobs, what work or task will be done or what problem will your customer solve using the product or service; expectations (gains), i.e. what your client hopes to gain (money, time, prestige, etc.); the client's problems or "pains".

# Step 2 - Value Map


We create a value map together.  It deconstructs your value proposition into products and services that solve problems and meet the expectations of your customers. This is a list of all the products and services around which your value proposition is built. We then help you turn these value proposals into practical tools to persuade customers to buy your product or service by finding intersections or matches between the buyer's profile and the value card. 

We will help you to:

  • Find out how the value creation model works;

  • Organize information about what your customers want in a simple way that makes value models easy to see. As a result, you will more effectively design your value proposition and profitable business models, which are directly focused on the most urgent and important jobs, pains and gains  of your customers;

  • Don't waste your time (and money) on ideas that won't work;

  • Relentlessly test the most important hypotheses underlying your business ideas to minimize the risk of failure. This will allow you to follow big and bold ideas without worrying about financial resources;

  • Minimize the risk of complete failure;

  • Design, test and give customers what they want, create a value proposition for them!

In the process:

  • You will be amazed at how often we develop and start producing products or services that no one wants, no matter how great our ideas were and how good our intentions were;

  • You will be amazed at how many resources are lost, because this great idea from our business plan turned out to be a complete failure, because we have not tested it;

  • You will be worried about the fact that in fact the process by which you develop your products and services, in general, loses sight of the client;

  • You will be surprised that you invest huge sums in research and development, but you do not invest in developing the right value proposition and business model;

  • It will be clear to you that not everyone on your team shares a common understanding of what a good value proposition really is…  

We work equally successfully face to face or online. We use Google Jam Board or Miro / Mural for discussions.

How do you know that you have been looking for this service of Idein for a long time, but you have not been able to formulate it properly?

You are in the right place if:

Sometimes you feel that ..

  • There are certainly better tools to help you create value for your customers and business;

  • You may be pursuing the wrong tasks and feeling insecure about the next steps;

  • It's hard to know what your customers really want;

  • The information and data you collect from (potential) customers are huge arrays and you do not know exactly how to organize them;

  • The challenge is to move beyond the product and its features to a deeper understanding of how value is created for the customer;

  • You are missing the big picture of how the pieces of the puzzle match.

You have an experienced team:

  • Who lacks a common language and a shared idea of what it's like to create value for the customer;

  • Who sinks into unproductive encounters filled with long, unstructured and often empty talk;

  • Works without clear processes and tools;

  • Is more focused on the technology, the product and its functions than on the customer;

  • Participates in meetings that end without clear results and everyone's energy is extremely exhausted.

You have seen projects that:

  • Were interesting and challenging, but they failed with big money losses;

  • Have put a lot of energy into perfecting a business plan, just to confirm the illusion that an endeavor can work;

  • Spent a lot of time making absolutely fictional excel spreadsheets, which turned out to be wrong after all;

  • Have invested more time in developing and debating ideas instead of testing them with clients and stakeholders;

  • Allowed opinions to dominate the objective facts of practice;

  • Lacked clear processes and tools to minimize risk;

  • Used processes that were more suitable for running a business than developing new ideas.   

Try it and you will quickly see immediate improvements in sales, you will save a lot of money, time and frustration.  

We are convinced of the value of our offer, but are you convinced of what you provide to your customers? Let's find out together!

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