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How Bulgarian businesses onboard new employees: Insights into HR Practices and Attitudes

We present the findings of the first phase of our project "ONBOARD: Organisational orientation and socialisation of the next generation," which aimed to define the scope and content of gamified onboarding training through co-creation with target groups from various industries.

The project started with a survey of 107 HR professionals from different companies to check their overall practices in the field of onboarding. According to the findings, while the majority of companies have a written policy/strategy for their onboarding process, only 14% use gamification as a tool.

In the second phase, a series of interviews were conducted with HR professionals, employees, mentors, and buddies involved in the onboarding process. The interviews revealed that the onboarding process is structured differently in different companies, with some having a well-developed and structured onboarding process, while others leave it to the direct manager of the newly hired employees. The common level of digitalization of the onboarding process is average, with face-to-face contact being significant.

One of the key findings from the project is that the majority of companies do not have any solid indicators about the effectiveness and efficiency of their onboarding process, and there are no practices for measuring it. Finally, the participants shared that gamification is not a usual method applied in the onboarding practice due to concerns about its effectiveness, the added costs, and the difficulty of maintaining and updating gamified content.

The conclusions drawn from the findings suggest that there are several topics that need to be discussed in a group format, including ROI indicators, digitalisation, gamification, and the price of implementing and maintaining gamified content. These discussions will reveal the attitudes of HR professionals towards these topics, their current level of knowledge, and their readiness to work on them.

The full text of the report can be found

ONBOARD-Phase 1_survey_interviews
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